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Quantic Dream Praises Remedy’s ‘Quantum Break’

Quantic Dream has praised Remedy’s upcoming Xbox One exclusive, Quantum Break.

Beyond: Two Souls producer Guillaume de Fondaumiere has openly applauded Remedy’s efforts to create a meaningful story.

“I’m not totally clear about [Quantum Break], to be perfectly honest,” said Fondaumiere when asked about Remedy’s latest project. “No harm intended, I just saw what they presented during the Xbox press conference. But what I understand is that it’s going to be a series and the game probably uses stories and characters to influence each other.”

Fondaumiere believes any company willing to innovate to provide gamers with a deeper story, should be praised and Remedy has a “interesting concept” on their hands.

“We applaud any developer who is trying to put more story and more meaning into their games, because this is what we believe in,” Fondaumiere says. “For instance, The Walking Dead we applaud with two hands. We think it’s a great avenue. We don’t think all games should be like this, but we don’t think that we should be the only ones to do these types of games.”

Quantic Dream is well known for developing interactive story-telling through their games, with their upcoming title Beyond: Two Souls aiming to eclipse their previous work.

These two companies are openly tied to different consoles, but the kind words definitely showcase Quantic Dreams love of the industry above all.

Beyond: Two Souls will release exclusively on PlayStation 3 October 8, while Quantum Break will launch exclusively on Xbox One sometime next year.

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