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Quantic Dream Looking to Introduce Multiplayer in Future Games?

Quantic Dream is well renowned for its single player experiences, yet the Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls developer could be looking at incorporating multiplayer elements in future titles.

Kotaku has found a job listing for a “lead online programmer” on, the listing asks the applicant to have “very deep and high knowledge of online [sic] gaming / network developments.” It was also noted that Quantic Dream are “also looking for a candidate that has previously worked on a shipped multiplayer AAA title with significant experience in multiplayer gaming.”

This is no confirmation their next game will feature multiplayer, though Quantic Dream could be contemplating multiplayer in future titles. Perhaps they could implement multiplayer aspects into their games, possibly integrating ways to compare choices made throughout their experiences.

David Cage has voiced his disapproval of the over-saturation of the first person shooter, so let’s not expect a Call of Duty inspired multiplayer experience any time soon.

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