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PlayStation Vita’s PSone Patch is Now Live

PlayStation Vita owners, the wait for PSone Classics is over. The latest firmware update 1.80 is now live, heading into your PlayStation Vita’s settings will now allow you to update with the new patch. The patch itself is only 102 MB in size, which should be a very fast download over wi-fi and even quicker if you want to connect it to your PlayStation 3 console.

This latest patch brings with it a slew of updates, including a few fixes to the console and of course the main feature “turning on” the ability for the Vita to play PSone Classic titles. This is great news for Vita owners, adding an extensive library to the list of games now available on the platform. Including such classic hits like Crash Bandicoot, the Final Fantasy franchise and Metal Gear Solid 1.

However, the list of games available between regions seems to be greatly outnumbered. The North America PlayStation Blog has listed only nine titles available for download, in comparison the European PlayStation Blog has a list of 129 titles to choose from. This is a major difference between both regions, the reason for this is unknown currently, though many believe this is an error on Sony’s part which will be fixed in the coming days.

Various Vita owners within North America have stated that the unlisted games still work on their Vita, the ones listed on PlayStation Blog may be the only ones able to be downloaded directly from the handheld. The other titles in question may work if they are transferred from the PlayStation 3 console itself. Sony hasn’t clarified the reason for this major discrepancy, but will update you as soon as we hear more.

The North American PlayStation Blog post

The latest firmware update also allows the ability to transfer iTunes Playlists directly to your Vita, also more control when watching videos by allowing the ability to adjust the speed settings with more accuracy. Another key feature is the ability to control the PlayStation Vita’s main home menu with buttons and analog sticks, this feature will be found in the Settings of your handheld, then System and then by allowing Control with Buttons on your PS Vita. This will be a handy option for gamers, who found the OLED screen became smudged to easily.

Source: IGN

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