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PlayStation Plus Games Lineup for October Announced

Sony has announced the lineup of games that will be available for PlayStation Plus members during the month of October.

The six games PlayStation Plus members will be able to download are listed below.

  1. Broken Age (PS4/Vita)

  2. Super Meat Boy (PS4/Vita)

  3. Unmechanical: Extended Edition (PS4/PS3)

  4. Kickbeat (Vita/PS3)

  5. Kung Fu Rabbit (Vita/PS3)

  6. Chariot (PS3)

The highlights of October are Broken Age, which was developed by Tim Schafer and follows the story of two teenagers who live in completely opposite worlds, and Super Meat Boy is a critically acclaimed platformer featuring over 300 challenging levels.

The other features games are Unmechanical: Extended Edition, which has players control as a lone robot who must escape an underground complex, Kickbeat a martial arts rhythm game, Kung Fu Rabbits which is described as a “wacky sider scroller, and Chariot is a cooperative puzzle game, where players must transport the coffin of their king to a worthy grave.

What do you think of he October lineup? You can also check out Microsoft’s October lineup here and see which you think is the winner for October.


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