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PlayStation 4 System Software Update Version 3.00 Details

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has revealed details on the upcoming PlayStation 4 System Software Update Version 3.00.

Software Update 3.00 is aiming to bring new ways to connect players and “enrich the user experience” both on and off the PlayStation 4. One of the major additions will be Communities on PS4, which will allow players to create, discover and join community profile pages. Profile pages will be created by the owner and range from topics, to game titles and more.

Players will have a Community Wall that members can view, which will allow general discussion between users. Players will also be able to see other members of the community via the Community Members Page and even see what their fellow members are playing in the Community Now Playing section.

Software Update 3.00 will also introduce two new additions to Share features. First, players can now share 10 second clips directly to Twitter. Secondly, players will now be able to stream directly to YouTube via the new YouTube Live feature.

Watching events on PlayStation 4 will now become a lot easier, with the launch of Events on PS4. This feature will allow players to discover, register and participate in gaming events. Notification on upcoming events can be received on the PlayStation 4 and via the PlayStation App. Players can also now request to watch footage of a game their friends are playing via the Request to Watch Gameplay feature; allowing friends to watch each other with added ease.

Having trouble finding particular friends on your friends list? The new Favourite Groups option will help. Players can now organise and create Favourite Groups to see the online status of selected people much easier. Players can name the group, customise the thumbnail image and conduct group messaging.

Software Update 3.00 will also increase the PlayStation 4 online storage capacity from 1 GB to 10GB for all PlayStation Plus members. Alongside updates to both the Live from PlayStation and What’s New sections, with popular broadcasts easier to find, and more real-time engagement with friends on player activities.

There is no scheduled release date for Software Update 3.00 on PlayStation 4, but it is currently in beta testing for the upcoming release.


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