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PlayStation 4 Games Will Be On-Show At E3

Since the PlayStation 4 was announced last we there has been a ton of information release about the controller, digital distribution and the games available for the console. In an interview with Bloomberg, Jack Tretton, Chief Executive Offer for Sony Computer Entertainment America has some interesting details regarding the future details of PlayStation 4.

We wanted to focus on the games and we wanted to talk to our gaming audience and there’s a billion of them out there, and the gamers got it” Tretton  made sure to point out there determination to appeal to hardcore gamers, “But the real heat behind the gaming industry and the PlayStation consumer, is the dedicated gamer and they are who we’re speaking too”.

Tretton also seemed to acknowledge that the gaming community isn’t dumb when it comes to products and experience, stating that hardcore games know the difference “Smartphones and tablets” and he knows that isn’t the gaming experience they are after. When asked about the price, we were given an answer in typical marketing speak, “We will try to bring the best technology at the most affordable prices“.

However the main talking point of this interview came when asked if people will be able to play the console before it is released. “Our industries biggest event is E3 coming up in June, and there will be a lot of playable content on the floor, it’s not a consumer show but consumers will get their opportunities play before it ships“.

It’s nice to know those hoping to hear how the new DualShock controller handles, how the brand new next generation games look firsthand, will get their information soon. E3 begins Junes 11 through to 13, excited to hear what Sony has planned for E3? Let us know in the comments below.

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