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Osmotic Studios & Surprise Attack Games Announce ‘Orwell’

Developer Osmotic Studios and indie publisher Surprise Attack Games have revealed Orwell.

Orwell is a narrative exploration game where players must “pry into the lives of citizens to find those responsible for a series of ideologically motivated terrorist attacks.” Orwell will follow the style of games such as Papers, Please, Her Story and Cibele, aiming to raise series questions about society.

Those familiar with George Orwell’s written work will have a far idea of the themes Orwell will tackle. But if you haven’t had the pleasure (please correct this now), expect Orwell to tackle themes regarding security, freedom and what impact the internet has had in personal communication.

Players will be recruited by The Nation to join a new secret security program, titled – Orwell. Players will be able to access the internet to find information in private files and personal communications of those suspected of being involved in the aforementioned terrorist attacks. Players will be able to choose what information they provide to security services and what they keep to themselves, and these choices will have an impact on how the story unfolds and its “dramatic conclusion”.

Orwell will be launching “late 2016” for PC via Steam.


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