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‘Nintendo Badge Arcade’ Coming to 3DS Consoles

Nintendo has announced new personalisation options for the Nintendo 3DS family, in the form of the Nintendo Badge Arcade.

The Nintendo Badge Arcade will launch as a free download on November 13, allowing players to customise the HOME Menu of their 3DS handheld. The arcade itself will be run by a “chatty rabbit”, as players take shots at crane games and similar classic amusements in hopes of collecting badges based on Nintendo games and characters.

Players will get five free plays on a practice machine each day, which will only offer dummy badges, but players can win free players for the machine that offers real badges. Players can also purchase five plays on the real badge machine using real world money, which will cost AU$1.30/NZ$1.70.

Nintendo has also announced a new Nintendo Direct will take place later this week, featuring information on upcoming Wii U and 3DS titles.


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