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New ‘Watch_Dogs’ Gameplay Trailer Released

Update: Ubisoft has recently released video of the demo, enjoy.

Original Post:

Johnathan Morin has unveiled a new trailer for Ubisoft’s upcoming title, Watch_Dogs.

In this trailer Aiden Pearce is trying to save his friend T-Bone, but is caught out by the police. Being surrounded by the authorities in vehicles and in air, Pearce must escape at all costs.

Showcasing Pierce’s ability to sense out enemies with his hacking device, he is able to out maneuver the police by hiding his car behind an electric gate. From there Aiden enters a store, where his face is displayed on the news. A fellow patron tries to report Aiden, before he senses the 911 call taking place and stops the call.

Pearce helps his friend escape the police, by remotely hacking devices using his hacking abilities. We are also given a slight hint at the games narrative, with T-Bone telling Pierce “We are getting closer to finding you sister.” Could the family tragedy that turned Pearce into a vigilante involve his sister?

Ubisoft also showcased multiplayer elements with another player helping Pearce using his tablet. Pearce eventually made his escape from the police on a speed boat.

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