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New ‘Rocket League’ Mode Coming in September

Developer Psyonix has announced a new game mode coming to Rocket League in September.

The new mode is called Rumble, and instead of incorporating new sports into the Rocket League formula, the new update will drastically change the initial Rocket League gameplay. In Rumble players will be assigned random power-ups that alter the abilities players can use in matches, with 11 different power-ups in total. Rumble mode will be available for Rocket League players to experience in both Private and Exhibition matches.

The 11 power-ups range from The Boot, allowing players to kick an opponent’s car; Freezer, which freezes the ball in place; Magnetizer, which attracts the ball to your call; and Grappling Hook, which pulls the ball towards them. Other abilities range from tornadoes, spikes, and the ability to force players to drive uncontrollably.

Rocket League players can also expect more content throughout September, with Psyonix stating “Rumble is just the beginning of a much bigger update planned for September. Expect more details in the coming weeks.”

Are you excited to play Rumble? And what other content do you think will launch for Rocket League during September? Check out AA’s full Rocket League review here.


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