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New Medal of Honor: Warfighter Trailer & Screens

Are you soured on Call of Duty? Looking for an alternative shooter these holidays? Well releasing in just over two weeks on October 25 is Medal of Honor: Warfighter.Warfighter looks to tell the emotional side of a soldiers life on and off the battlefield, whilst providing gamers with an amazing graphical experience. In our latest trailer for the upcoming first person shooter, we see our man Preacher (who was featured in previous trailers) keeping tabs on his target, until the target is taken out by one pinpoint sniper.

From there Preacher decides to follow this assailant to seek some revenge, we are then provided with a very gorgeous car chase scene. The car chase reeks”Michael Bay” with a tonne of explosions, set pieces and an entire town in Pakistan being brought to rubble.

Does Warfighter have you sold? If not we have a tonne of brand new screen shots from the Car Chase Trailer and some of the single player campaign, so enjoy.

The game looks like a worthy alternative to anyone sick of the Call of Duty series,so  does Medal of Honor have your attention now? Stay tuned for even more Warfighter content as the release draws near.

Jamie Briggs is enjoying the graphics of Warfighter, WAY to much. He also runs Analog Addiction where you can find all his latest news reviews and features. Like them on  Facebook, follow them on Twitter @AnalogAddiction and on YouTube.


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