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New Major ‘Dragon’s Prophet’ Update

Skyhammer Warriors has announced a new major update that is now available for Dragon’s Prophet, the recently released fantasy MMORPG.

Today’s patch brings the next phase of the eagerly anticipated Frontier System to the European servers, where those victorious in a territory war can appoint lords to actively rule over the Sky Islands they have conquered. Each island will differentiate itself with players altering taxes, initiating special quests and building defensive structures in preparation for impending attacks from rival alliances.

The latest update brings the Highlord System, which will raise the stake of each territory war. The winning alliance will now be granted command over their island and will gain several advantages against invaders. A special NPC known as the Territory Development Adviser can initiate quests that allow the collection of required resources or defensive locations. The player must pay for these upgrades, which is where setting taxes becomes a crucial aspect to pay for these upgrades.

Dragon’s Prophet is now available for PC.

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