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New ‘Hitman’ Release Date Announced

Following the recent delay of the upcoming Hitman game, an official new release date has been revealed.

Square Enix and Io Interactive have announced Hitman launch March 11, 2016 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. The initial launch will contain six campaign missions set across three locations, which include Paris, Sapenza and Marrakesh. While Contracts mode will have combined total of around 800 targets for players to craft their own Contracts.

Following the initial launch a new sandbox location will be released each month in April, May and June. Each new location will offer new missions, signature kills and more Contracts targets. April will send players to Thailand, May to the United States, and June to Japan. Alongside the additional content, new live content will start in March, which will offer new time-limited targets, weekly developed Contracts and more.

Purchasing the full range of Hitman content will cost USD $59.99, which will give players access to all live events, future content and a spot in the Hitman Beta (PS4, PC only). Those wanting to experience the initial content can purchase the Intro Pack, which will cost USD $34.99. The Intro Pack will contain all the launch content, and March live events and Contracts. If players decide to upgrade from there, purchasing the additional content will cost USD $29.99, on top of the original price.

Recently Square Enix released an extensive gameplay demo for Hitman, showcasing one of the launch missions set in Paris.


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