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New ‘Hellblade’ Development Diary – ‘Capturing Performance’

Ninja Theory has released a new development diary for its upcoming title Hellblade.

Product Development Manager Dominic Matthews, took to the PlayStation Blog to release the new development diary. The new development diary focuses on the process Ninja Theory are using to create an affordable motion capture performance for Hellblade.

Hellblade is an interesting project, with only 13 people on the development team, Ninja Theory aims to create a AAA quality title on an indie game budget. This new insight into the development process shows that with a little hard work and out of the box thinking, an experiment of this magnitude may be a glowing success.

Hellblade was originally suspected to be a PlayStation 4 exclusive title, before it was revealed it would also come to PC.

Editor’s Thoughts – If you’re interested in the development process of such an interesting project, there are nine behind-the-scenes videos from Ninja Theory already available online. They are an interesting insight into game development.


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