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New Features Revealed for PlayStation Software Update 4.00

New information has been released in regards to the upcoming PlayStation Software Update 4.00.

The PlayStation Software Update 4.00 beta begins tomorrow, and before players get to experience the beta first hand new information has been revealed as to what players can expect to see within the new update.

The 4.00 update is codenamed ‘Shingen’, and those lucky enough to take part in the beta (if you signed up for the beta keep an eye on your emails for your possible confirmation) will experience a new user interface, folder options, updated menus, Trophy changes and new personalition features.

One of the major changes in the 4.00 update will be the adjusted PlayStation user interface, which will feature new pop-up notifications, updated system icons and new system backgrounds to choose from. Overall the new changes will provide a “more refined and easy to use UI”.

Changes will also be implemented in the Quick Menu, making it faster and easier to use. One of the changes is that the menu will now only cover a portion of the screen, meaning you don’t need to leave gameplay entirely. The Share Menu will also feature a similar overhaul, while also allowing players to save the last social network you shared video clips or screenshots and allowing the direct option to share screenshots to a Community Wall.

Players will also have new options when it comes to organising their range of PlayStation 4 content, with the addition of folders that can be created to help maintain cluttered menus. Players will also be able to view new content in the Library, with a new tab called Purchased Content which showcases all the content players own, while the main Library only shows what has been currently installed on your PlayStation 4.

Trophy hunters will also be happy to see their Trophies can now be accessed offline, and the option to reveal content of Hidden Trophies now available. While the User Profile also has some new additions, including the option to add a background image and compare Trophy progress to another player from their profile.

While the 4.00 update seems to have an abundance of new features, these are merely the tip of the iceberg as more features will be available in the final release, but unfortunately won’t be in the upcoming beta. Expect more information on the upcoming update, including the release date of the 4.00 update in the coming weeks.


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