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New ‘Dragon Ball Xenoverse’ Characters Revealed, Season Pass Details

Bandai Namco Games and Dimps have revealed a number of new characters that will be appearing in Dragon Ball Xenoverse, as well as details on what season pass holders will receive as DLC.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse villains Mira and Towa have been able to create “villainous” versions of multiples characters, which will appear in Xenoverse. The list has got longer with the addition of Gotenks, Vegeta, Gohan, Piccolo, the Androids, and the Great Apes (Nappa will also appear as a Great Ape), with Vegeta also joining the Ginyu Army in a mischievous move by the games antagonists. It was also revealed Omega Shenron and Gogeta Super Saiyan 4 have been added to the list of confirmed fighters, bringing the total to a staggering 159.

Season pass holders will receive three DLC packs, which will extend the experience with new playable characters, patrol quests, special moves and costumes. DLC Pack 1 will be available in March and will contain the following –

  1. 3 Playable Characters  – GT Goku, Pan, GT Trunks

  2. 4 Time Patrol Quests

  3. 12 Quests

  4. 15 Special Moves for the players’ avatars

  5. 5 Costumes

DLC Pack 2 will also contain similar content, but no details were released on the specifics. While DLC Pack 3 will include the Turtle Hermit Set, Jaco the Space Patroller and “highly exclusive content”.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse will release for Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PC on February 24 in North America and February 27 in Europe, Australia and New Zealand, with the PC release also launching February 27 worldwide.


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