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Namco Bandai Make Boxart Blunder

Last year Capcom released Resident Evil: Revelaitons, Look closer. Yes, they released Resident Evil: Revelations with a massive spelling error on the side of the box. This isn’t the first time Capcom have made this mistake, when they published Okami’s Wii box with an actual IGN watermark on the cover. Sadly, they are not the only company to make such a mistake.

Namco Bandai is publishing the 3DS exclusive title, Naruto Powerful Shippuden. However it appears they have also had their own trouble with spell check, as the side of the game reads:

Mistakes like this always surprise me, the amount of people working on the game and the fact that nobody noticed is absurd. Of course we are only human at times and mistakes happen, but still I have full hope Nartuo will be an amazing gaming experience when it releases exclusively to Nintendo 3DS March 5.

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