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Motorcycle Card Game ‘MyRIDE Challenge’ Launches on iOS

Milestone s.r.l has launched MyRIDE Challenge, a new collectable card game for iOS devices.

Each card in MyRIDE Challenge will represent a particular bike model, with more than 300 models to collect from manufacturers such as Aprilia, Honda, Suzuki and Yamaha. Each bike is divided into three classes – Sport, Naked and Historical, with each featuring five characteristics: Speed, Acceleration, Grip, Handling and Style.

Cards are split into four categories of rarity and depending on the rarity of the card, it can reach a higher maximum level, with cards able to be upgraded. Identical cards can also be combined to create a special Foil version of the original card. XP Cards can also be used to allocate experience to bike cards, which can be won in events or purchased in the shop. The shop can be accessed with virtual currency won in MyRIDE Challenge, or the option for real world money purchases is also available.

Players can use their cards in Single Player mode, which pits players in a series of races from location in the Console/PC version of RIDE, with 15 circuits in total. Each race consists of four turns, with players using cards to go up against opponents. Whoever wins the most turns at the end of the match wins, with prizes awards based on the result.

MyRIDE Challenge is now available to download from the App Store. Milestone has also released two console motorcycle games this, which include the aforementioned RIDE and MotoGP 15. You can read Analog Addiction’s reviews of both games on the corresponding links.


Jamie Briggs manages Analog Addiction and you can like them on Facebook, follow his daily life on Twitter @JamieAA, and his videos on YouTube.


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