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‘Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate’ Release Date, Themed New 3DS Revealed

Capcom and Nintendo have announced Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate will release February 13, alongside the newly announced release of the New 3DS XL in North America during the latest Nintendo Direct.

It was also revealed a special New 3DS XL Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Edition will be available, which features a custom designed New 3DS XL (pictured above) and a pre-installed copy of the game will be available on the same day.

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate allows players to enjoy the experience alone or with up to three players locally, or online for the first time on 3DS using a wireless internet connection. Players will also be able to utilise full functionality of the new C stick available on the New 3DS.

Rounding out the new for Monster Hunter fans, select players will receive early access to an exclusive demo for the game which features both single and online multiplayer options. Those who don’t gain early access can check out a version of the demo that will be available before Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate launches on February 13; though no date for the demo was given.


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