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Metro: Last Light – Commanders Survival Diary Trailer

Those of you who have been following the progress of Metro: Last Light, would have been noticing the live action videos being released to promote its March 2013 release date. 6 months ago THQ released a live action trailer showing the events leading up to the post-apocalyptic wasteland you will experience in Last Light, in this chilling video it shows the city of Moscow in panic mode as nuclear warheads are released upon the earth.

As the crowd scatters to try and reach the underground tunnels, the government has stationed military officers at the entrance to allow a certain amount of people inside. At this moment the military officer in charge takes a small innocent child from a mother, taking the child with him inside and saving his life, closing the doors on all the innocents located outside, ending their lives.

In this new live action video we see this very officer worse for wear, for whatever reason this officer is now paying the price for closing the doors on the civilians outside. He has been stripped of his position, his livelihood and his dignity, as another poor soul attacks him for revenge? Anger? Food? We do not know, but the situation looks dire. The officer is considered a traitor and we don’t exactly know if this character will appear in the story, or if he will have some sort of affect on the main game.

But these trailers are certainly setting the vibe that Metro: Last Light is a world beyond saving, a world that has gone to the dogs and a world where nobody is safe.  These trailers are all building up the release of “Genesis”, the latest gameplay trailer which will be released December 11.

So stay tuned to Analog Addiction for the gameplay trailer as soon as it is released. Also if you want to pick up the original game on the cheap, Humble Bundle is the place to go.

Thanks to IGN for the video.

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