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Metal Gear Rising’s First DLC Details Released

Platinum Games have revealed Metal Gear rising: Revengeance will receive three downloadable content packs, each will bring new features, characters or story content to the game.

The first add-on will contain 30 additional VR missions and the Snake Soul wooden sword, the sword will interestingly enough be voice by Solid Snake himself. It was also confirmed the add-on pack will contain side scrolling objectives, with a fixed camera.

The second content pack will contain Jetstream Sam, ‘who was the main baddie in Rising’s campaign. though no details have been released, imagery does show Sam fighting some familiar enemies from the games campaign, including a Metal Gear Ray.

Last but not least, the third expansion will feature LQ-84i aka Bladewolf, the wise-crackin’ sidekick of Raiden himself. Platinum Games has said playing ad Bladeworlf serves a deeper view of Rising’s world, whatever that may mean.

No pricing, release dates or actual expansion specific details have been released, but it is nice to see Konami and Platinum Games supporting their recently released title.

Source: IGN

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