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‘Mass Effect 3: Citadel’ DLC Out Now

Mass Effect 3’s final piece of downloadable content, known as ‘Citadel’ is now available on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Origin for PC players.

‘Citadel’ allows you to control Commander Shepard on one last adventure, he and his crew have been invited to the capital of the Citadel in an effort to eliminate a startling threat. The content will be “emotionally driven” and feature Shepard’s long-time friends and romances of the entire series. Players will even be able to re-kindle these past relationships, if they choose.

With the trilogy finally coming to an end, BioWare will be hosting a special PAX East panel entitled “The Mass Effect Trilogy – A Retrospective.” Fans of the series who attend the panel will witness Executive Producer Casey Hudson, Lead Designer Preston Watamaniuk, Lead Cinematics Director Parrish Lev, Writer John Dobmrow and Level Designer Dusty Everman as they relive their most memorable moments on the series. The PAX East panel will take place on the Main Stage on Sunday, March 24 at 5.00am AEST.

Included with the story content in ‘Citadel‘, players can also use the squad members from the entire series in a brand-new training facility. The Armax Combat Arena offers ten scenarios to challenge the player as they fight wave-after-wave of enemy forces. Is there a better way to get reacquainted? Players can also visit the Citadel’s Silver Coast Casino and furnish Commander Shepard’s living quarters located on the station.

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