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‘Magnetic: Cage Closed’ Launches on Steam

Developer Guru Games and publisher Gambitious Digital Entertainment have announced Magnetic: Cage Closed has now launched on Steam for $14.99USD, and in a special Collector’s Edition for $19.99USD.

Magnetic: Cage Closed is a first person puzzler that embraces the idea of magnetism in order to complete puzzles, players must utilise the attraction and repel qualities of magnetism to make their way through a series of dangerous environments.

Players control jailed con XE-47623, who is serving time for crimes unknown, who comes into possession of a prototype Magnet Gun under the watchful eye of a sadistic warden. Using the Magnet Gun players must manipulate objects using magnetism to sold increasingly difficult puzzles.

Those who purchase the Magnetic: Cage Closed – Collector’s Edition will receive a digital copy of the game, a digital soundtrack with 34 songs, a 60 page digital art book and two unique challenge maps. Magnetic: Cage Closed will also launch on Xbox One in Summer, 2015.


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