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‘Mad Max’ – Release Date, Box Art, Pre-Order Bonuses Revealed

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has revealed an abundance of new Mad Max details, including a new release date, official box art (picture below) and pre-order bonuses.

Mad Max is now scheduled to release on September 1 in North America, September 2 in Australia, September 3 in New Zealand, and September 4 in the UK for PS4, Xbox One and PC. Notably absent from the new release information are the release date for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of the game, which have now ceased development according to Game Informer.

Those who pre-order Mad Max will receive an  additional Magnum Opus car body called The Ripper, which features a V8 engine, upgraded exhaust with custom off-road tires, a ramming grill and a tuned suspension to handle the Wasteland’s variety of surfaces.

Mad Max is being developed by Avalanche Studios, and was first revealed at E3 2013. Mad Max will feature a post-apocalyptic open world setting, where cars are have become to key to survival in the Wasteland.


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