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‘Limited Mode’ Delays Assassin’s Creed 3 Review

You may be wondering where is our review of Assassin’s Creed 3, since the games release on October 30 I have been hard at working playing the campaign, side missions and more thoroughly to give you all the best review possible. Clocking in almost 20 hours of main campaign time I decided I was ready to take on the multiplayer portion of the product, however that is where the problem lies. Every time I try to enter the multiplayer section of the game I am greeted by this message.

The Ubisoft services are now available. Please try again later. Limited mode is now active. You will not be able to use any features that requires you to be connected to Ubisoft services.

Limited Mode means no mutliplayer

After this message you are able to try and access multiplayer once again, but after it fails you are then taken to the same page as the screenshot below.

My review delayed

This problem after some research is apparently wide spread and many people have experienced this issue, even though some may never be affected by the issue whatsoever. Ubisoft support has created a page for customers to view and try and fix the error message being displayed, but in my case none of these helpful advice have helped. For those of you who may be facing the same problem, Ubisoft suggest the following.

There are three main reasons that you may be placed into limited mode: 1. Ubisoft servers are temporarily unavailable. – You will be placed in limited mode if the Ubisoft servers or the online services of the console providers are unavailable. If you would like to check if the servers are back, you can select the “Go Online” button located within the multiplayer main menu. 2. You are signed into an account that does not have online capabilities. 3. You do not have your console ID linked to a Uplay account (PS3 only) – On PS3, you must link your profile to a Uplay account. Otherwise you will be placed into limited mode. Things to check if you are currently in limited mode: 1. Is your console currently connected to the Internet? 2. Do you have an account with online functionality? 3. Are you signed into your online account? 4. [PS3 Only] Do you currently have your console ID linked to a Uplay account? 5. Have you checked the Assassin’s Creed Facebook, Twitter, or Official website for server status updates? 6. Click the Go Online button found within the multiplayer menus.

Having reached out to Ubisoft PR for answers, I was directed to the Customer Support page on Ubisoft’s official website. He stated that this issue can fix itself but it is luck of the draw as to when it will repair, he also said this problems affected his own personal experience with the game at home, so even Ubisoft themselves cannot avoid this issue. He also suggests people lodge the issue if they have experienced this problem, to clearly find out how many customers are affected and to help create a solution to the problem.

So at this time I do not feel completely satisfied reviewing the complete package without setting foot in multiplayer. No mscore has been decided for the review as yet but most of the review has been written already. As of now the review will be delayed for at least a couple of days, waiting for this ‘Limited Mode’ problem to disappear.

If the error takes to long to fix itself however, I will post the review without the multiplayer factored into the review but I will make sure to state that when it’s posted.

Here is hoping this error can be repaired as soon as possible, to provide you guys with my thoughts on Assassin’s Creed 3.

Jamie Briggs runs Analog Addiction where you can find all his latest reviews, interviews and features and also like them on Facebook. Also follow his daily life on Twitter @AnalogAddiction and their videos on YouTube.



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