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Limbo Follow-Up ‘2 Years Away’

PlayDead’s game director Arnt Jensen has recently been interviewed by, in this interview he was asked about PlayDead’s follow-up to Limbo. Jensen stated that ‘Project 2’ as it has been called is “at least two years away” and that the development cycle will take the time it needs to get the game perfect.

The only image of ‘Project 2’

Jensen went on to speak about the risks PlayDead took when creating Limbo, “We took a lot of financial risk to release Limbo only when we felt it was ready and we are prepared to do so again,” Boss of PlayDead Dino Patti also spoke acknowledging that although financial risks are a big issue, PlayDead do not seem to mind when it comes to getting the game right, “Money is never the primary factor when we make decisions.”

‘Project 2’ is being created on the Unity engine, known for being one of the easiest engines available to port projects from one console to another, this should mean that they could release the game on all systems at the same time. Unity is very flexible when it comes to devlopment and could even mean porting the game to next generation consoles could be on the cards, “We always want as many people as possible to play and Unity makes it easy to come out on different platforms,” Jensen explained. “With our own technology, we spent a lot of time and money porting Limbo. With Unity this will be easier.”

‘Project 2’ is PlayDead’s second game to be produced, their first title Limbo was a successful venture as it sold millions of copies worldwide on multiple platforms.We barely known any details regarding ‘Project 2’, a list for the game on the Danish government’s website last month revealed its existence. Detailed as a “puzzle platform/adventure” and is currently listed for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC and Mac, though next generation console porting would be made easy via the Unity engine.

The games description lists the project as follows, “tells the story of a boy’s struggle against evil forces trying to take over the world through questionable experiments on human bodies.” Though details regarding the game have been sparse, Patti has stated previous that ‘Project 2’ would be, “more crazy, more 3D than you would think and more weird” then its predecessor Limbo.

Jensen has also made some interesting comments regarding using content that didn’t make the cut into Limbo’s finished product, “We always experiment with ideas,”Jensen said. “Many ideas were cut [from Limbo], right up until the very end. We’re still working with some of the ideas that didn’t make it into Limbo.”

Although there is no confirmation that this is a direct sequel following the events of Limbo, this game definitely seems to be in a similar vain to the original. Keep checking Analog Addiction for more details, as they come.

Source: IGN

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