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Laura Officially Announced for ‘Street Fighter V’

Following a recent leak, Laura Matsuda has been confirmed as the latest playable character in Street Fighter V.

Laura was revealed at the Brasil Game Show by Capcom Producer Yoshinori Ono. The newly revealed fighter is a Brazilian native known for her famed Matsuda fighting style.

Laura is a Jiu-Jitsu specialist, known for her methodical grapple technique and her projectile ability known as “Thunder Clap”, which strikes her opponents with electricity. Laura can also activate her “Spark Show” state, allowing her projectiles to fly further and her attacks and grabs to deliver increased stun damage.

Street Fighter V will be available on both PlayStation 4 and PC in “spring 2016”. Capcom also previously revealed information on how DLC will be unlocked in the game, which can be found here.


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