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Latest ‘The Lord of the Rings Online’ Expansion to Launch This November

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has today announced the next expansion pack for The Lord of the Rings Online will launch November 19. The pack is called Helm’s Deep and it will continue the MMORPG story, while also increasing the level cap from 85 to 95.

“Helm’s Deep is the site of the most memorable battle in Middle-earth and we’re excited to announce our launch date and introduce some great new in-game items for anyone who pre-purchases the expansion,” said Kate Paiz, Executive Producer of The Lord of the Rings Online.

“We’ve come to a really exciting and momentous point in the story, and we can’t wait to show players how the game will bring this classic clash to life. This technical and gameplay innovation brings massive conflicts to life like never before and is another huge leap forward for MMO players in Middle-earth.”

Helm’s Deep will be available for any character as early as level 10, as you explore the Westemnet of Rohan, the mysterious Dunharrow and the fortress of Hornburg located deep within Helm’s Deep. Alongside the new locations new skills and updated class specialisations will also be included in the expansion pack.

Players can pre-purchase the expansion pack, which will include many additional items for the Helm’s Deep expansion; alongside a set of items that will be available immediately for in-game use.

Pre-Purchase Bonuses for Helm’s Deep Expansion

  1. Armour of the Hammerhand – an exclusive full set of Rohirrim cosmetic armour

  2. +10 quest log slots

  3. Crystal of Remembrance – adds one additional legacy to your legendary weapon

  4. Helm’s Deep Title – Helm’s Enforcer

  5. Helm’s Deep Title – Helm’s Avenger

  6. 2000 Turbine points

Pre-Purchase Bonuses Available Immediately

  1. Shield of the Hammerhand (Statted Cloak  +25%XP, scales to level of wearer)

  2. Exclusive War-steed Bundle (The Steed of the Hammerhand) – an exclusive Rohirrim mount with matching War-Steed appearance

The Turbine developed The Lord of the Rings Online is free-to-play on PC.

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