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Latest ‘GRID 2’ Trailer and New Screenshots

Codemasters has released the first in a new series of trailers for GRID 2 entitled, ‘World Series Racing Part 1: An American Dream’. Narrated by Patrick Callahan, entrepreneur and founder of the fictional World Series Racing. The racing championship that runs throughout GRID 2, introducing his visions on the series and its beginnings in America.

Callahan outlines his visions for a new motorsport series, while introducing the player to two key racing clubs he needs to recruit. The video showcases in-game footage from around America, including the Street Racing in Chicago, Tracking Racing on the legendary Indianapolis Motor Speedway and Road Racing at the California Coast. Callahan dreams of bringing the very best drivers from different disciplines and styles, to compete in the ultimate driving league. To do this Callahan needs a star racer, that is where the player comes in.

You are Callahan’s number one driver and will travel the world, recruit race clubs and their drivers in multiple racing styles to bring the best drivers to the series. Bringing the best in the business will allow Callahan one step closer, to fulfilling his dream.

During GRID 2 player performance will be reflected on how well you perform on track, do well and you will earn new fans and fame/XP allowing access to events, sponsors and new cars as you increase your profile. GRID 2 will also over include an in-game ESPN SportsCenter, which will provide live-action videos that showcase the rise of World Series Racing.

GRID 2 will released May 28 in North America, May 30 in Europe and  May 30 in ANZ on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

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