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Last Guardian “Still in Development”

Team ICO has been a renowned name for the PlayStation faithful for many years, since their first release of Ico and then their legendary follow up Shadow of the Colossus which many believe was the PlayStation 2’s best title. However since then their latest announced title The Last Guardian has been in “Development Hell”, since releasing Shadow upon the public in October 2005, Team ICO has yet to release anothergame.

PlayStation 3 has become a powerhouse system and the end of the console cycle is definitely upon us. However Last Guardian has been rocked with delays, absence from this years E3 event all together and then Team ICO’s visionary and executive producer Fumito Ueda deciding to leave the company and continue work in a contract position instead. Back in February the project was believed to be “Making progress”, yet still nothing has been heard until now.

Looks sad he isn’t released yet 😦

In the latest issue of Game Informer magazine an interview with Sony Worldwide Studio President Shuhei Yoshida has touched upon the status of Last Guardian, possibly in an attempt to calm the storm of fans wanting to hear an update. “There are some technical issues being addressed,” Yoshida stated. “There’s not much to show what it looks like. At this period of time we are unable to give an update, but the game is still in development.”

Many believe Last Guardian may never see the light of day and the comparison in time to create and publish this game has been compared to Naughty Dog. Being another Sony exclusive first party game developer who has been able to establish the entire Uncharted series (3 titles) and now has a new IP The Last of Us on the cusp of a 2013 release. In the same time it has taken Team ICO to develop their latest project, without even releasing it.

Will Last Guardian ever finally be released into our wanting arms? Or maybe development is taking longer as they have switched to next generation hardware? Time will tell and let us know your thoughts below.

Sources: IGN

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