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‘#KILLALLZOMBIES’ Launches For PS4, Free Post-Launch Support

Beatshapers has revealed #KILLALLZOMBIES is now available on the US PSN store  for $13.99 PlayStation 4, with a European release coming soon.

#KILLALLZOMBIES is a zombie wave survival title, where each wave will increase in difficulty as each waves becomes more complex than the last. Waves do not wait for the player to finish before a new wave begins, forcing players to continuously kill in hopes of slowing the ever-increasing zombie horde.

Players will be able to find new perks and weapons as they gain enough XP, which will help them against boss enemies. These hulking enemies have unique attack mechanics, and are recommended to be avoided at all costs.

#KILLALLZOMBIES also features an interactive element for players streaming their experience. Viewers are able to interact with the gameplay by entering commands which will either help, or hinder the player.

Beatshapers has also revealed #KILLALLZOMBIES will receive post-launch support with new content and game modes patched in, at no extra charge.


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