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Ken Levine Elaborates On Original ‘BioShock’ Vita Vision

Irrational Games Co-Founder and former BioShock creative head, Ken Levine, has voiced his opinions and given some new insight on the previously announced BioShock title for PlayStation Vita.

Levine opened up regarding the Vita project on his personal Twitter, where he elaborated that the title is out of his hands and that he “wishes” he could still create the title with his original vision.

Wish I could do it myself, but lawyers and all that. I still love my vita. — Ken Levine (@IGLevine) July 8, 2014

Throughout the series of tweets Levine expressed his love for PlayStation Vita and how the title couldn’t be secured between various companies. “[Publisher] 2K and Sony couldn’t put a deal together when I last checked. They seemed way more optimistic about this back in 2011.”

Interestedly Levine even expressed his original vision for the handheld title, stating he was thinking of developing a “Final Fantasy Tactics style thing set in pre-fall Rapture.”

The original tease for BioShock Vita came during Sony’s E3 press conference in 2011, where Levine showcased the Sony handheld and stated this was his “pet project”. After the event the status of this title went dark, until December 2012 when it was revealed the game was never started. It was revealed last year that Levine was still trying to get the title made, though due to the closure of Irrational Games, it seems this title has finally been laid to rest.


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