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Inside Assassin’s Creed III – Episode 2

Episode 2 of Inside Assassin’s Creed III was released today focusing on ‘Combat, Weapons and Tactics’, Ubisoft have gone a long way to research the brutal hand-to-hand combat that took place during The Revolution. Consulting with many University teachers and experts in the field of The Revolution, they really want to stress the brutality that occurred during these battles.

Revealing some information regarding Connor’s arsenal, the ‘rope-dart’ can be used from trees and on the ground to bring your enemies closer for a brutal closer encounter kill.

Fluid combat is Ubisoft’s goal.

Remaking the combat system from scratch, they have tried to emphasize a fluid combat mechanic. Instead of the old stop, wait, reverse tactics you will now be able to chain attacks from one enemy to the next. Taking down multiple targets without stopping, if you are good enough. Motion capture has been their best friend in development, bringing in fighting choreographers to provide that professional trained fighting style  to Connor’s already strong arsenal.

Episode 3 will bring more information about Connor himself, being compared to “Dirty Harry” he is considered America’s first special forces officer. Episode 1 was released last week, focussing on the historical accuracy the game holds in high regard.

Source: ubisoft

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