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Infograph Showcases What Percentage of Gamers Buy Gaming Gear

Video game clothing company Insert Coin has surveyed more than 1,400 gamers to analyse what percentage of gamers buy gaming gear and what items appeal to them to them the most.

Gaming gear has been classified as items such as figurines, clothing, poster and anything that isn’t a video game, console or accessory for their platform. Insert Coin has released their findings in the form of an infographic, which can be seen below.

In the data provided it was revealed 81% of gamers buy gaming gear, with an average of $60 spent on an annual basis. The items that were most popular amongst these gamers were clothing, with 57% purchasing wearable items, with figurines coming a close second with 24%.

Out of the 81% that purchased gaming gear, half of those purchased it to show off their gamer lifestyle. While it was also revealed Collector’s Editions featuring cool bonus items were appealing, with 62% admitting to purchasing an edition for the item alongside the game.

Analog Addiction would love to know to know if you purchase gaming gear? Let us know in the comments below.


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