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Indie Game ‘Blowy Fish’ Launching On Steam This Month

One Man Band Games has announced the mobile game Blowy Fish is coming to Steam on September 25.

Blowy Fish is an endless 2D side scrolling game, where you play golf with a helpless fish. Players must catapult their fish across randomly generated landscapes  that increase in difficulty. Blowy Fish features a Level Mode, which contains checkpoints so players are able to finish the game; while Endless mode is the typical endless runner style.

The PC version of Blowy Fish will contain Steam Achievements, Leaderboards, Trading Cards and an “energetic” soundtrack. Players can also collect starfish during levels which can be exchanged for cosmetic items to liven up your fish.

One Man Band Games is a single person team in Munich, led by game developer Peter Wagner. Blowy Fish is also available on Windows Phone and Android.


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