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‘Homefront: The Revolution’ Cinematic, Gameplay Trailers Revealed

Deep Silver has revealed a new cinematic trailer for Homefront: The Revolution, alongside a new gameplay demo at Gamescom.

Both trailers debuted at the Microsoft Gamescom Press Conference earlier today. The cinematic trailer depicts a young child reading his “appreciation” of the foreign power that has brought the United States to its knees. This emotional trailer interweaves footage of the young child and the brutality the Korean corporation deliver to the general public, while showcasing the freedom fighters trying to resist their rule.

The new gameplay trailer further emphasised the miserable state of the United Stats following the brutal takeover. Freedom fighters utilise what little ammo they have to fight their oppressors, while also using guerrilla style warfare in hopes of stopping the Korean corporation.

Dambuster Studios, the new developer of Homefront: The Revolution, also confirmed the game will feature cooperative multiplayer. Players will be able to form their own Resistance Cell to fight against the invading force.

Dambuster Studios took over development for Homefront: The Revolution, following Deep Silver’s acquisition of the Homefront IP. Homefront: The Revolution is scheduled to release for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, Mac and Linux in 2016.


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