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‘Hitman’ Delayed Till 2016

The latest Hitman game was scheduled to launch in December, but has now been delayed until 2016.

The announcement to delay Hitman until March 2016 was made on the official Hitman website. Where it was stated the delay was to “add more to the launch content of the game”. The latest Hitman release is scheduled to feature a new release method in comparison to previously games, with the base experience releasing, and new content being added via updates.

“We’re going for a new release model where we put out a good chunk of the game when it beings and then release the remaining locations over time,” said the official statement. “We want to make absolutely sure you all get the best possible experience when you join, so we’ve made the difficult decision to move the initial release date to March 2016.”

“These few extra months will mean we can add more to the launch content of the game, more than we had originally planned, and then follow with a tighter frequency of updates, which ultimately will create a better game for everyone. And in the end, that’s what we’re all looking for.”

Alongside the release date delay, a new infographic was released comparing the site of the previously revealed Hitman Paris Showstopper mission, when compared to the largest mission in Hitman Absolution. Aside from the size differential, there are also six times the amount of potential targets in Contracts Mode.

Hitman was originally revealed at E3 earlier this year, alongside the recent release of an extensive walkthrough of the Paris Showstopper. Hitman will release for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Analog Addiction also recently called Hitman its most anticipated game for December.


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