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Hitman: Absolution – Dynamic Audio

iO Interactive has released their latest video for their highly anticipated November release, Hitman: Absolution. Focusing on the aspect of Dynamic Audio and how audio plays a very huge part in addressing the games story and conveying a tense, dramatic feeling for the player.

This dramatic presence has been a focus for the guys over at iO since the start of development, providing the player with open-world environments the musical accompaniment had to be dynamic enough to work around the open ended nature of the campaign. What if you go in full guns blazing? What if you find stealth is your greatest asset? The music playing throughout the campaign will be able to adjust the mood it wants to portray, depending on your nature of play style.

Development of the musical score has been inspired by big blockbuster movies; this emphasis on creating moments where the music can control player’s emotions is displayed throughout the trailer.  The music stays true to Hitman games of old, bringing together the dark, gritty nature of sound with the added epicness of cinematic audio quality.

“We are working together with a very good sound team, over at iO and they are really good at understanding how to fit every little bit of music element with the AI” stated Gameplay Director Christian Elverdam.  “We obviously have the main score, but they are very capable of breaking that score down to different tracks. Either very ambient, or action based, or fast paced tracks. They really understand how to blend these seamlessly.”

iO Interactive has been able to record the motion capture and voice acting talent of the actors all in one single recording; this brings a level of realism to the dialogue that the series has not seen. This allows the actors to feed off each other, one game that does this brilliantly is the Uncharted series and it allows for a much more natural take on the scene.

Thomas Bartschi delivers one of the best quotes from the trailer, “Dialogue is the most important piece of audio in the game, it’s not music, it’s not sound effects. If you don’t believe in the dialogue and if it doesn’t tell the story correctly, you don’t have a game.” iO have the right mindset when it comes to telling a story with the correct focus on dialogue and it won’t be long until we find out how the finished product, delivers on their goal.

Keep it tuned to Analog Addiction as we continue to cover Hitman: Absolution before its November 20 release on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

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