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Halo 4: Return of the Forerunners – Part 2

Part 2 of the Halo 4 developer documentary series from 343 Industries, takes us through the process they went through in order to fully realize their vision for the Promethean’s. This new form of enemy went through over 15 iterations before the team settled on the final design, wanting to convey that the knight was the commander on the battlefield but also keep it from looking to robotic and monster like was a tough challenge.

343 has put a lot of effort into keeping the forerunner technology true to past games, looking closely at the new Promethean enemies you will see joints on the characters will not be connected and will float, defying gravity. The crawler when it becomes aggressive will howl and it’s mouth will open up wide and once again defy gravity. This all dates back to forerunner technology and how pieces of the environment has been able to float in mid-air, keeping to this style to form one cohesive unit. Weapons also get the forerunner treatment with weapons forming together in front of your eyes, even when you reload the forerunner weapons will disassemble and reassemble in a visually stunning manner. The half a dozen weapons that made the game, were cut from over 200 different weapon designs, with only the best making it into the final product.

The stunning design of the Prometheans

Halo 4 will be released November 6, exclusively on Xbox 360.

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