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Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn – Lecture

Microsoft has released latest trailer for their live-action Halo series set before the events of Halo 4, Forward Unto Dawn. The video is called “Lecture”, the students of Corbulo Academy of Military Science are sitting in a lecture from UNSC General Black, leader of the Academy. In 2526 the Insurrectionists believe that people from one planet, owe nothing to those who live on another planet, including Earth. General Black thinks otherwise and tries to share this mentality with his students.

The build up to the series launch on October 10 continues, with theirtwo  previous videos “Joyride” and “Capture the Flag” already released. With Halo 4’s November 6 release on the Xbox 360 closing in, will we see more videos before the series premieres?

Stay tuned to find out.

Jamie Briggs thinks Halo 4 looks stunning , he also runs Analog Addiction where you can find all his latest reviews, interviews and features and also like them on Facebook. Also follow his daily life on Twitter @AnalogAddiction and his videos on YouTube.



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