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Guild Wars 2 The Lost Shores Expansion + Free Code Giveaway

NCSOFT and ArenaNet will be releasing their second major content update for Guild Wars 2, launching 3 months ago the game will now feature a brand new one-time event entitled The Lost Shores. This landscape changing event arrives November 15, the update will bring many brand new features to the game and also the aforementioned multi-stage, one-time event that ArenaNet have said “will forever change the world of Guild Wars 2.”

The Lost Shores is a mini-expansion pack if you will, which follows the successful Halloween multi-stage event that was released a few weeks ago. ArenaNet is known for delivering regular content to their games and Lost Shores seems to be another hefty update to the subscription free world of Guild Wars 2. Lost Shores will feature new areas to explore, new challenges and new goals to achieve, all ending in the one-time event that will change the world of Tyria forever. What could this mean? Those interested will just have to play and find out.

Lost Shores is packed with improvements and additions across the entirety of Guild Wars 2, but player s can also look forward to the list of other additions as well.

  1. Mysterious new zone, available to all players regardless of level

  2. Challenging new dungeon

  3. New PvP map set within a Kodan dojo

  4. New gear to acquire, additional weapon skins, item enhancements, additional item tier between Exotic and Legendary.

  5. New crafting resources to harvest and 200 new recipes

  6. The one-time event starting November 16 and ending November 18.

The Lost Shores event update will also allow Guild Wars 2 players the ability to refer-a-friend to the game for a free trial period during the festivities. Players who own Guild Wars 2 will be able to invite up to three friends to join a free trial period of the game from today, the period will last over November 15-18.

For those wanting to experience everything this update has to offer, the timeline of events is listed below.

  1. Thursday, November 15, 9:00 a.m. PT – Free trial period begins, update build is released

  2. Friday, November 16, 12:00 p.m. PT – One-time Lost Shores event begins

  3. Sunday, November 18, 12:00 p.m. PT – Final event stage begins

  4. Sunday, November 18, 10:00 p.m. PT – One-time event and free trial weekend ends

Speaking of Guild Wars 2 trial offers, Analog Addiction has 5 codes to giveaway for the free trial weekend of Guild Wars 2. All you have to do is post below or on our Facebook page and let us know “Why you want a free trial weekend of Guild Wars 2”, it is that simple. Best of luck and enjoy The Lost Shores this weekend.

Jamie Briggs manages Analog Addiction where you can find all his latest reviews, interviews and features and also like them on Facebook. Also follow his daily life on Twitter @AnalogAddiction and their videos on YouTube


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