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GRID 2: Live Action vs Gameplay Footage

Codemaster today released a new video for GRID 2, combining live action racing and in-game footage of two two 592bhp McLaren MP4-12cs racing around toe world famous Brands Hatch circuit.  This is part one of a series of three, which follows Chris Harris (motoring journalist) who has joined with Codemasters to prove in-depth knowledge of car handling and vehicle selections for the Game. The video shows Chris racing against McLaren test driver Mat Jackson, using the knowledge of GRID 2 staff Chris is able to gain the advantage and take the checkered flag.

“I’m thoroughly enjoying working on these videos for GRID 2, and adding a few pointers to help develop the handling on some of the key cars in the game.” said Chris Harris, “It’s a great opportunity to explore the ever-closer relationship between real driving and the virtual world”  Brands Hatch is one of the many spectacular tracks available in GRID 2, with players traveling the world to visit tracks such as the Yas Marinas in Abu Dhabi and Austria’s Red Bull Ring, offering street circuits in such beautiful locations like Paris and Chicago and even open road locations on the coast of California and the dangerous Japanese Mountains.

Are you excited for the upcoming GRID 2? Let us know in the comments below before its Winter release in Australia (Summer in North America).

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