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Grand Theft Auto III Coming To PSN…Again

Remember back in July, when we were reported the masterpiece known as Grand Theft Auto III, was coming to PlayStation Network? Then we sadly informed you that it had been delayed? Without any reasons as to why? The PlayStation 2 classic is now once again confirmed to be release on PlayStation Network, this week.

Cruisin’ in style

Still no reasons for the initial delay have been detailed, but unless this somehow happens again Grand Theft Auto III will be available to North American’s this week but the price has not been announced. If it is anything like previous PlayStation 2 Classics expect a price similar to $9.99, like most PlayStation 2 Classics. Sadly the release date for Grand Theft Auto III in other regions hasn’t been announced, but we hope to hear more soon.

This Classic release will not feature any trophy support and will be a straight port of the original title that was released on the ever-popular PlayStation 2, back in fall of 2001. Grand Theft Auto III is regarded as one of the greatest PlayStation 2 games available and also one of the  best selling, it also paved the way for the future direction of the franchise.

Source: IGN

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