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‘Gran Turismo Sport’ Release Date, Debut Gameplay Trailer

The release date for Gran Turismo Sport has been announced, with the PlayStation 4 exclusive racer launching on November 16 (November 18 in UK).

During an exclusive unveiling event with CEO of developer Polyphony Kazunori Yamauchi, the release date for Gran Turismo Sport was announced, alongside the debut gameplay trailer (available above) and new screenshots.

Gran Turismo Sport is the latest entry in the Gran Turismo series, which aims to bring “the very latest road cars” to PlayStation 4 with “unprecedented precision” and showcasing some of “the most detailed and authentic models” the series has ever produced.

Following the release date announcement, Gran Turismo Sport is now available to pre-order on the PlayStation Store and at retailers. Gran Turismo Sport will be available in three additional versions, alongside the standard release. The Gran Turismo Sport Collector’s Edition will include an exclusive miniature model of the Mercedes-AMG GTS and a details car-lover’s guide written by Polyphony Digital; while both the Steel Book Edition and Bonus Edition will include digital exclusives and extras.

Expect a lot more information regarding Gran Turismo Sport before the November release on Analog Addiction.


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