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God of War Ascension Single Player Trailer

God of War: Ascension is undoubtedly one of PlayStation 3’s biggest hitters this year when it comes to exclusives.  Though we have been given an extremely detailed view of what multiplayer has to offer via the Public Beta, single player has been left dormant.  However, that has changed with the release of a Single Player Teaser Trailer featuring the God of War himself.

Though the trailer doesn’t give us many clues as to what the single player portion of the game will have in store, the PlayStation Blog have given us even more details regarding the single player campaign. “Most importantly, in late February, we’ll be bringing you a full-fledged single player demo! We’ll be announcing details in the coming weeks, so stay tuned.” So not only will more details be given soon, a full demo will be released next month.

Could the further details be the entire Single Player Trailer? With the trailer being stated as a Teaser, I would definitely see a full trailer being part of the new information. But as the new details arrive, Analog Addiction will be right there to keep you informed.

God of War: Ascension will be released March 12 in North America and March 14 in Australia, exclusively to the PlayStation 3 console.

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