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Gaming Has Never Smelt So Good

Have you ever wanted to smell the flowers in Skyrim? The rotting flesh of zombies in The Walking Dead? Or Elena’s hair in Uncharted? Well Sensory Acumen’s latest gaming product might help you. It ‘s called GameSkunk and is an olfactory system device built to deliver scents (over 30,000) while connected to consoles, PC/Macs and Gameskunk’s code is compatible with the Unity engine.

Built to enhance the gameplay experience, GameSkunk aims to allow the player to use the sense of smell to make the game world come alive. “Missing from your game playing role is the ability to smell the action; cooking food, explosions on the battle field, crashes on the race track, and just the essence of real life as it plays out in a virtual reality setting” Cooking Mama has never been so good.

Trying to create the ultimate gaming experience is something that that has always fascinated me, thought I never thought smelling Donkey Kong’s armpits would be part of the deal.

This technology is not exclusive to gaming however, as it is being considered to try and help patients suffering from post traumatic stress disorder and many other medical  conditions.

Is this technology something that tickles your fancy? With hands-on tech demo’s of the product on show at CES this year, Sensory Acumen could possibly sniff out a winner.

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