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Gamescom: Mojang Announces ‘Cobalt’ Coming to Xbox 360 & Xbox One

Mojang has announced Cobalt will be coming to Xbox 360 and Xbox One during  the Microsoft Gamescom showcase.

Cobalt is a multiplayer platformer developed by Oxeye Game Studio, players take control of a 2D robot and must use a variety of abilities/weapons such as rolling, grenades and shooting to take down opponents. Cobalt will also feature bullet time, allowing for skilled players to gracefully dodge enemy fire.

Mojang continued to showcase their support for Microsoft, revealing a new trailer for the Xbox One version of Minecraft. The trailer itself stated there would be bigger worlds and more multiplayer, yet no further details were release at this time.

Mojang has seen extensive success on Xbox 360,  selling over 6 million digital copies of Minecraft and recently releasing a retail version to further impressive sales.

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