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Gamescom: EA Announce Story Driven Campaign Missions For ‘Command & Conquer’

EA has announced that episodic, story driven Campaign Missions are in development for Command & Conquer and will be available next year.

“When we talk about the new Command & Conquer being a service, we’re really inviting the community to help drive the design process and the evolution of the game,” said Jon Van Caneghem, Vice President and General Manager of EA. “Since our announcement, the number one thing fans have asked for is new story content, and we listened. We are excited to be delivering compelling, high quality Campaign Missions that will roll out to the service in 2014.”

It was revealed the first Campaign Missions will follow the Asia-Pacific Alliance (APA), as they attempt to stabilise a world on the brink of war. It will be up to the player to restore peace to the globe, as a reconstituted Global Liberation Army (GLA) is rumoured to be the instigator possessing technology beyond normal level terrorist organisations.

Command & Conquer will also feature new modes such as Onslaught, an objective based -co-op mode where players must defend their base from enemy hordes and will launch later this year as a free live service exclusively for PC.

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