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‘Furmins’ Launches on PlayStation Vita

Ukrainian developer Beatshapers, has release Furmins for the PlayStation Vita in European and Oceanic territories.

Furmins is a physics based action puzzle game that was originally developed by Housemarque, who is now currently working on PlayStation 4 development.

Furmins has players guiding a bunch of creatures across cunningly designed levels, by rearranging items as well as using bumpers and conveyor belts in real-time. These creatures are looking to travel to world to wake up their King, who has accidentally fallen asleep and rolled into a river blocking their flow of water and their very existence.

The PlayStation Vita version features a new scoring system, global leaderboards, front and rear touch-pad support and 108 levels across 9 worlds.

Information on the US release of Furmins will be released soon.

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