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Full ESL Arena Schedule for PAX Aus 2015 Announced

PAX Aus and ESL have announced the full ESL Arena schedule for PAX Australia later this month.

Following the announcement of the ESL Arena at this year’s PAX Aus, the full list of eSport events has now been revealed. Joining the previously revealed SMITE Oceania Regional Championship will be Rocket League, and the highly anticipated, Halo 5. The full list of events, including timeframes, details and more are below.

Friday, October 30 (Morning) – Rocket League

  1. Friendly, single elimination best-of-three tournament

  2. 16 teams in a 2v2 format

  3. Giveaways

  4. Pre-registration only

Friday, October 30 (Afternoon) – SMITE Oceania Regional Championship

  1. Both Semi Finals of the SMITE Oceania Regional Championship

  2. Paladins Free-Play area

Saturday, October 31 – SMITE Oceania Regional Championship

  1. Top four teams compete for a share of $65,000 in prize money, 1st to qualify for SMITE World Championships

  2. Bronze Match and Grand Finals of the SMITE Oceania Regional Championship

  3. Paladins and Community Showmatches

  4. Paladins Free-Play Area

  5. Giveaways

Sunday, November 1 – Halo 5

  1. Team Immunity and Team Exile 5 compete against each other and the community in show matches

  2. Professional invitational series between Immunity and Exile 5

  3. Mixture of Free-For-Alls and Team orientated matches

  4. Free-For-All community tournament

  5. Giveaways

The ESL Arena will also feature a range of friendly competitions and championships across the event. PAX Aus will take place at the Melbourne Convention Centre from October 30 – November 1, with tickets still available to purchase online.


Jamie Briggs manages Analog Addiction and you can like them on Facebook, follow his daily life on Twitter @JamieAA, and his videos on YouTube.


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